No matter where you live, you can be a part of our Mentor Online Program.

Due to the many requests for our education from regional area salons and areas we don’t travel to, you can be a part of our education community.

The Mentor Online Program can be accessed by simply logging into a secure location via our website. Here you can access the monthly step by step haircut video, head sheet and step by step pictures, from the Mentor Program classes taught throughout the year.

This is a game changer for regional areas and busy hairdressers that do not have the time to attend courses but want to stay in touch with up to date learning’s.

It’s extremely easy to register online. Simply go to our website and register. You will receive your own personal login details to access a new module each month.

Over the last 21 years we have developed our very own unique method of cutting hair to rebalance the face by cutting shapes in and around bone structure.

2020 brings a new modern direction in hair cutting and styling for DCI. Our Mentor Online Program is designed to inspire you into a new world of hairdressing by developing confidence and consistency with new, progressive techniques, plus the very best client engagement and communication techniques, to help your work be understood and respected.

The goal is to give hairdressers a fresh, modern confidence in hair cutting and hair styling & to motivate to shine every month, so that salon clients return throughout the year. Our Mentor Program is for committed hairdressers wanting to learn how to be different, stand out and be inspired and guided to be the very best.

Our philosophy is, “the more you learn, the more you earn in your salon”. We are committed to assisting your growth, teaching the importance and value of style currency in your work, and ultimately changing your life in a positive way.


  • Refresh your work
  • Understanding suitability
  • Be inspired in every module
  • How to change/update your work
  • Improve your consultation skills
  • Solving meaningful problems
  • Learn what style currency is all about
  • Inspire your clientele with fresh ideas
  • Learn advanced flawless finishing techniques
  • Attract new clientele with our new techniques
  • How to interpret hairstyle images for your client
  • Build on existing skills with new techniques
  • Learn to be innovative with hair & be more creative
  • Up skill yourself by recreating a new look each month
  • Learn a whole new language & terminology around hair
  • Confidence in choosing the right haircut for the right client
  • Learn the psychology in hairdressing to improve your client relationships


Starts from February to December 2020


  • 10 step by step videos of each techniques taught throughout 2020
  • 10 step by step images of each techniques taught throughout 2020


Each month over 10 months a new Mentor class will be added for you to have access to via our website via your Computer, Tablet, Phone, iPad, iPhone anywhere, anytime.


AUD$550 per person



Sydney Australia

Phone:  +61 2 9380 2217
Email:   mail@dcieducation.com

Phone:  +61 2 9380 2217