Since forming his education company, DCI Education , in 1998, Dario Cotroneo has been in demand around the world, working in the USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Norway, China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand to name a few, demonstrating his unique and singular brand of education. “Not just how to cut hair, but

Known for his exceptional cutting skills and street-based creativity, Dario creates strong, cutting-edge fashion looks whilst retaining beauty, sensitivity and harmony. He has developed a very unique and holistic approach to hairdressing education resulting in exciting ways to learn and enjoy. His insight and passion for the industry have been noticed by many other highly regarded industry leaders, such as Sandy Chong (SUKI), Sharon Blain (Art Of Hair), and Emiliano Vitale (E Salon) who use his education as a continuous platform for their staff.

Dario’s signature style – a series of pared-down looks reflecting his love of modernist art and architecture – puts him at the forefront of hair design. His role as founder of DCI Education takes him all over coaching, teaching and inspiring hairdressers wishing to be the best. It has been said, “His shows and classes are unparalleled and a must to experience”.

Dario teaches the fundamentals of techniques and demonstrates when to use them, how to use them and why to use them. From these solid building blocks students go on to create exciting and modern hairstyles that are as adaptable as they are beautiful.

His down-to-earth approach and global experience give him a unique perspective and an even more unique flair. He has a total understanding of the type of hairdressing training needed to keep stylists involved in their work and clients in love with their hairdresser.

Dario’s intuitive feel for fashion and his eye for trends keeps him ahead of the game Not only do you learn amazing cutting and styling techniques but also Dario is a master of the art of rebalancing the face, meaning flaws are hidden and areas of beauty emphasized. At $550 for a haircut his fiercely loyal clientele will attest, this level of understanding and empowerment can be truly life-changing!

To keep inspired and ahead of the trends, Dario Cotroneo also owns his own salon in Sydney and has filled the past 25 years styling high-fashion editorial, working with celebrity and media clientele and cementing his reputation as an industry leader.