Gino Fossano Hairdressing Scholarship

Welcome To The Gino Fossano Hairdressing Scholarship

DCI Education is not just about great hair education – we’re about supporting great people.

Creating a supportive and innovative environment is always top of mind for DCI, both in our hair community and beyond. That is why we launched the Gino Fossano hairdressing scholarship in 2019. Now we are getting ready for 2020, to support the next generation of Australian hairdressers with a hairdressing scholarship.

We’ve seen first-hand how good hair education can transform the lives of a hairdresser.  Today DCI is proud to educate around 2500 hair professionals yearly, and we are thrilled to be able to help invest and support in the future of our hairdressing industry.

About Gino

To share some insight into who this incredible man was, Gino was the life of the party and salon. His incredible work ethic and desire to serve people in hairdressing was truly inspiring. Gino started hairdressing in 1978. He opened Portfolio Hair in Sydney’s northern beaches 1983 and years later the salon grew to 25 staff.

Gino was always positive and driven and “No” didn’t exist in his vocabulary. Everything was possible. He was a real force in hairdressing over the years. He was always willing to fit clients in even if it meant staying back late. Leading by example he always attracted the most passionate hairdressers and cared for his team like he did his family, they always felt part of his life.

When you were in Gino’s presence you felt his affection for life.

So, it’s is a true honour to name our first ever Scholarship under Gino Fossano’s name and we truly hope that his amazing qualities can inspire the next generation of Australian hairdressers.

The Gino Fossano Scholarship will be awarded to one apprentice hairdresser (1st to 3rd year) per year in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA & ACT. The lucky apprentice chosen will evoke the same qualities and work ethic, and the fun loving and caring qualities as Gino Fossano himself.

Gino Fossano was a hairdresser for 40 year’s in Sydney, and is survived by his wife Leanne and son Justin.

Hairdressing Scholarship Details

The selected applicant will win a spot on either of the 2021 DCI Mentor or the DCI Elevate Programs in their city. The DCI Programs consists of 10 x 3 hour workshops, based 1 per month, learning precise and expensive cutting techniques, starting in February through to November.

Total value $2600.

See link to the DCI Elevate Program to better understand what you will be involved in should you be selected.

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Phone:  +61 2 9380 2217

Phone:  +61 2 9380 2217