DCI is recognised as elite hairdressing training within the hairdressing industry, having won multiple awards: 2022 AHFA EXCELLENCE IN HAIRDRESSING EDUCATION, 2022 AHIA BEST INDIVIDUAL EDUCATOR, 2020 AHFA EXCELLENCE IN HAIRDRESSING EDUCATION, 2020 AHIA BEST INDIVIDUAL EDUCATOR, 2019 AHFA EXCELLENCE IN HAIRDRESSING EDUCATION, 2017 AHFA EXCELLENCE IN HAIRDRESSING EDUCATION & 2016 HAIR EXPO EDUCATION BUSINESS OF THE YEAR. DCI Education founded by Dario Cotroneo, provides high quality hairdressing training to hairdressers of all levels, worldwide.


The DCI philosophy is to create amazing memories for hairdressers to reflect on throughout their careers by teaching beautiful cutting and styling techniques. By educating not just how to cut hair, but why, our students gain the confidence to reach a higher level within our industry and are inspired to pass their learnings on to future generations. We wish to create an industry of highly educated individuals within an honest, fun environment.

DCI cutting techniques are strategic and commercially viable, so hairdressers can use them immediately on the salon floor directly after our courses. In addition to our technical education, we love to share information on how to deal with clients and deliver luxe services. It’s a holistic approach to education. We believe that combining technical information with salon service expertise, topped up with the educator’s personal knowledge and experience, provides the most valuable and well-rounded learning for our students and is something that they happily pass onto their colleagues for the continued growth and development of themselves and others.


We believe our  Mentor Program is innovative and unique to the industry because the students are mentored throughout a whole year. The structure provides so much more than just getting a ‘buzz’ from a one-off course that can slowly lose its impression over time. We push students each month so that they continue on a positive path and enjoy personal growth throughout the year. We love this unique approach to education.


DCI continues to provide a varied range of hairdressing training options, not only to students, but also for salon owners. We have an online subscription with over 70 step by step videos, virtual hands on education, face-to-face workshops and seminars and in-salon training that is uniquely structured to suit the individual salons needs and staff.

With all our courses as well as in-salon training, DCI is unique in that we only take up to 10 students per class. This ensures that our level of teaching is of a high standard. All students are catered to, no matter their needs or ability. Our students always comment how wonderful it is to feel like they have had a ‘one-on-one’ experience, despite being in a small class group.


The DCI online presence and marketing strategies support our hands-on learning and are instrumental in our continual strength and growth without the aid of sponsorship from larger product companies, thus keeping our content and message focused on pure education.

We pride ourselves on the positive mark we make within the industry and the quality reputation we have attained in the marketplace.

All 1 Day Workshops are bookable online www.dcieducation.com


For Info on workshops, seminars and in salon training contact: veronica@dcieducation.com or call 61 2 9380 2217