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2016 sees DCI launch our Connect program, meaning you can now be a part of our very popular Mentor Program no matter where you live!

We have received many requests for our education from around the world and areas we don’t travel to, so we are excited that you can now be a part of our education community.

The DCI Connect Program can be accessed by simply logging into a secured location on our website to access the monthly step by step haircut via video, with its head sheet.

This is a game changer for busy hairdressers that do not have the time to attend courses but want to stay in touch with up to date learning’s. It’s extremely easy to register online. Simply go to our website and register www.dcieducation.com/connect-program. You will receive your own personal login details to access video content each month via our website.

Each month you will have access to our exclusive content after each mentor session via our website, from February 2016 to November 2016.

Via your Computer, Tablet, Phone , iPad , iPhone anywhere anytime.

CONNECT PROGRAM INVESTMENT 10 classes upfront for $660

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