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Dario Cotroneo

Taking on the national hairdressing industry through his revolutionary training methods, Dario is determined to change the profession for the better.

A small Sydney based business,DCI Education was formed by Cotroneo to address the lack of personalised and professional training available for the industry.

“As hairdressers we acknowledge that every client’s needs are different,” he explains, “but we don’t accommodate that every hairdresser learns differently. Sadly, that’s led to an industry standard that I believe is lesser than it should be.”

To combat this, Dario has designed a business with a new teaching platform, also developing new training content for the hairdressing industry.

Courses are offered in-salon, at the DCI Institute or via online learning, a revolution for an industry that, for the most part, hasn’t adopted technology as an integral part of operations.

“DCI is design and technology driven, so we love the idea that hairdressers can now use the internet for education anywhere and anytime,” Dario enthuses. “DCI online gives the industry access to step-by-step videos to watch how and when you please.”

Built on the philosophy of Dream, Connect, Inspire, the DCI team pride themselves on bringing out the best in hairdressers, and salons. This commitment led to the company educating over 650 hairdressers around the country last year, including training some of the best hairdressers in the industry.

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