No matter where you live, you can be a part of our Elevate online hairdressing education program.

Due to the many requests for our education from regional area salons and areas we don’t travel to, you can be a part of our education community.

The Elevate Program Online can be accessed by simply logging into a secure location via our website. Here you can access the monthly step by step haircut video, head sheet and step by step pictures, from the Elevate Program classes taught throughout the year.

This is a game changer for regional areas and busy hairdressers that do not have the time to attend courses but want to stay in touch with up to date learning’s.

It’s extremely easy to register online. Simply go to our website and register. You will receive your own personal login details to access a new module each month.

The 2020 Elevate Online Hairdressing education Program is designed to take aspiring hairdressers on a personalised journey of learning like no other. It will elevate your skills in hairdressing to a higher level and is designed for hairdressers who are looking for additional structure and control in their work with our salon friendly techniques. Over the 10 modules throughout 2020, you will gain confidence learning classic minimal timeless haircuts. Progressing from long to shorter lengths, the core techniques of classic minimal precision cutting will be perfected with our care and guidance. You will also learn our unique approach to client consultations to ensure your work is supported when you go back to the salon. Our courses are known to help and guide you through every step of the way.

Our unique approach ensures that the face shape & bone structure are understood before you consider a sustainable haircut for each client.

The Elevate online hairdressing program is for those truly committed to hairdressing, who want not only core hairdressing skills, but also the inspiration and guidance to shine and have a positive and bright future in hairdressing.


  • Build a clientele
  • Salon ready techniques
  • Confident in cutting hair
  • Cut hair in a very precise way
  • Fresh approach in hairdressing
  • A new language in hairdressing
  • How to make hair look expensive
  • Clean minimal sectioning techniques
  • About body positioning in cutting hair
  • Minimal precise hair cutting techniques
  • How to cut hair in a completely new way
  • How to make every technique sustainable
  • How to do the most effective client consultation
  • Gain confidence in creating a strong hair cutting foundation
  • Understand how and why to use different types of techniques on your clients


Starts from February to December 2020


  • step by step videos of techniques taught throughout 2020.
  • step by step images of techniques taught throughout 2020.


Each month for 10 months, a new Elevate Workshop will be added for you to have access to via our website via your Computer, Tablet, Phone, iPad, iPhone anywhere, anytime.


AUD$550.00 per person


"Thank you, Dario, for a fantastic year of inspiration and education. Thank you also Veronica for keeping us all so well informed and organized. DCI no.1 for education and learning."




Sydney Australia

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Email:   mail@dcieducation.com

Phone:  +61 2 9380 2217