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The world has dramatically changed since my first Blog for Hairbiz earlier this year, which was on Hairdresser Consultation. Since reopening my salon I have noticed quite a few new clients booking in, reaching out for something different, so I asked myself, “Why are people moving around looking for something new?”

I realise because of the Covid lockdowns and new limitations placed on us, people have had time to stop and reset. They’ve had time to think about what really matters to them, so this is definitely not a time to become complacent with our clients. It’s a time to treat them to something better and new to inspire their inner selves.

So, for this blog I want to empower hairdressers with some new tools and ideas I have developed to strengthen relationships in this exciting new world we are evolving into.

The main aim in my hairdresser consultation process is to keep both client and hairdresser accountable for the services carried out, to create peace of mind and less stress. Now we need to add in the extra care factor.

The first point of contact with a client is to create a sense of “I care about you and will look after you.” This can be done before they step foot into the salon, via an online “pre care” form. Sending the client an automatic digital form prior to their appointment helps you understand your client and what their expectations are. It also allows the client to think about what they want before hand.

Questions on the Pre Care form can look like this;

  • Haircut: Maintenance Cut, Slight Change, Big Change
  • Hair colour: Permanent Colour, On Trend Colour, Grey Coverage


3. PLEASE UPLOAD 2 PICTURES OF YOUR HAIR NOW: (front on and side on photos)


This will truly set you apart from the rest and make your client feel engaged and excited about her upcoming visit.

When the client comes into the salon you now have so much more to talk about. You have a framework to connect your ideas to. Now you can finalise the face to face consult. (Check my 1st blog for the steps or message me for Hairdresser Consultation). Once you both agree with the services you can sign it off and begin. At the end of the service you both sign off the work. It’s a Win Win for all.

A final touch point! Approximately a week after the appointment send the client a message asking how they are going with their hair and ask them to send you a photo of their style. If you’re not happy with the styling, invite them back in to show them a few styling tips. This shows your client your thinking of them even after they have left and how important they are to you. This also gives you an opportunity to add “home care” products to the message, as a reminder to ensure the hair stays healthy and sustainable.

With all of us now more than ever relying on our digital devices to stay connected to one another, this is a great opportunity to impress and stay connected to our clients.

The best news is that all of my suggestions regarding pre and after care forms are available with my friends at Timely! They have the forms ready for you to use, regardless if you are a Timely client or not.

We now have the opportunity to use digital platforms within our business to retain vital information on a client which in turn creates a positive, caring experience for our clients.

It’s a time to reinvent ourselves, so I truly hope you embrace new technology to help navigate through the changing economic environment. I’m excited about these new changes, and so should you!

Be Real

Dario x

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