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Dario Cotroneos BLOG for Hairbiz May Issue JUDGEMENT – Hairdressers During COVID 19.

Firstly, this is not the Blog I had in mind for this issue (It can wait till next issue), because everything prior to mid March was completely different for all of us.

COVID 19 has turned the world upside down and then put us in a spin. It’s hard to plan or know what to do and what not to do, within our personal lives, our businesses and careers. We are all doing the best we know how.

I find it humbling to see so many in the industry sharing their stories of their hardship, circumstances and plans to get through this situation we find ourselves in. Reaching out to others, extending compassion and kindness, and shouting to the world “ We can get through this and we will be stronger!” it’s amazing.

However, unfortunately I have also noticed some who feel the need to voice their opinions on to others in a bullish way or send hateful messages, simply because they feel their “Way is the Right Way”. Come on Guys! We are all under a lot of pressure and therefore we should not be in JUDGMENT. This does not mean you can’t have a different opinion but when you push your opinion on to others when it has not been asked for, then you are being a BULLY.

Don’t get me wrong we all judge. I judge and I hate it, but I do know the happier I am in myself the less likely I will do it. It’s a HABIT (More to come on this word next issue!) that I am working on all the time, especially as an educator, as I’m constantly putting myself into my student’s situation, which helps me to be more empathetic, nurturing and compassionate.

Some of the reasons we judge others are:

  • We are insecure. This is the main reason we judge..
  • We are scared. Often, when we’re scared or intimated by other people, we’ll put them down. 
  •  We are lonely.  When you are lonely, you might use judgments to bond with other people, but these bonds are based on negativity. The bonds you have based on judging others are superficial and are not likely to contain true substance.
  • We are seeking change. When we want our own lives to be different, we are quick to judge the lives of others.

Now here’s a few ways to stop judging;

  • Monitor your thoughts.
  • Look for the positive.
  • Avoid stereotyping.
  • Stop Judging yourself!
  • Focus on your own life.
  • Remember how it feels to be judged.

In our current economic climate, more than ever we need each other. We all know there is a lot of mental instability and financial hardship going on. Surely turning our differences into a positive is what is required from all of us right now. If you don’t agree with someone, before responding, say this to yourself, “ Why has this person chosen this path and what are they currently going through to have chosen it?”  By putting yourself in someone else’s “shoes” can sometimes help you understand another point of view. It lessens the judgemental aspect and can sometimes make you aware of how you can actually help.

So hairdressers, owners, managers when you see or hear a fellow industry mate choosing a way to navigate through this “shit storm” that makes you think “What The?” don’t judge them but reach out and say “Do you need a hand”?, “What can I do for you”? or “Do you want to Chat”?

Take Care & Be Real

Dario xx


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