Remove Your Long Hair Gloom With DCI Education

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“The interlocking shapes of honey combs inspired me to create this hair fashion collection merging new sophisticated internal designs for both cuts and colours.” Dario Cotroneo from DCI Education says of the collection.  “These styles are progressive and have been designed to rebalance the face. The cuts also inject an upward energy and results in hair looking and feeling rich as we approach winter. The idea is to remove gloom and go glam this winter with Favo”

Styling Options:


Apply Mousse to roots and blow dry with a large round brush. Roll in MYCURL to 6 vertical sections straight after blow dry while hair is still hot, first apply medium setting spray to each section before rolling MYCURL in. Ensure MYCURL is rolled to just below the ear area and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes. Remove MYCURL and shake hair upside down while spraying gloss spray. Clean up Fringe and loose hair with a make up brush and Hairspray.


Apply medium setting spray to 8 horizontal sections wrapping each section around MYCURL. Heat each MYCURL for 10 sections and allow to cool for 10 minutes before removing. Shake the hair out and applying shine gloss to style curls into place. Secure the finished style with Hairspray.

Hair Credit: Dario Cotroneo for DCI Education

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