Life & Business Habits – How They Affect Us

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Life & business is coasting along, its going well and we think it’s all going rather smoothly. Then an unfortunate event happens and seems to turn life off kilter. We begin to feel unsettled and can’t quite get a grip on things. The more we hold onto our daily routine which was great only a few days/weeks ago the worse things seem.

What the hell happened! For most of us at the moment, COVID 19. I am totally blown away with what our industry is currently going through. This Blog seems even more relevant than when I began the framework for it a few weeks ago, when I was in total oblivion of what was about to unfold on us as hairdressers and the industry.

We have now all been forced to CHANGE how we do everything. Something in the great universe decided to say, “Hey! Your too comfortable, lets shake some things up and get you learning something new”. Now this is where some of us will go “Hell yeh lets go” whilst others dig their feet in and say “Nope all good here” and crumble under pressure. This is where HABITS, if we don’t constantly change them will be the undoing of us. So what are habits?

A habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. Because habits are mostly done subconsciously they are hard to break. It is estimated that it can take more than 21 days to change a habit.

Life & Business Habits can be good and bad. It’s the ones that are not allowing us to reach our goals or making our life uncomfortable that need to be broken and or reshaped to produce a better outcome.

In our current economic situation, we are now forced to break many of our habits to survive and adapt to the massive changes enforced on us. Here are some tips for you to think about and help with breaking the life & business habits holding you back.

First, love yourself into change. The concept is simple. Use some compassion with yourself and notice that your unhealthy behaviour is probably an alert that something is off-kilter in your life. Love yourself enough to make some changes.

Most unhealthy habits are in reaction to stress which most of us are under right now: loss, worry, and avoidance of the tough stuff. These kinds of stressors can paralyse us. Change

becomes harder than ever and we compensate for the stress by exercising behaviours that, though they are unhealthy, serve a clear purpose for us—whether physical, emotional, or psychological. Here are 10 steps to help you change unhealthy habits.

  1. Identify the life & business habits you want to change. This means bring what is usually unconscious (or at least ignored) to your awareness. It does not mean beating yourself up about it. Make a list of things you’d like to change, and then pick one.
  • Look at what you are getting out of it. In other words, how is your habit serving you? Are you looking for comfort in food? Numbness in wine? An outlet or connection online?
  • Build something into your schedule that will provide you with what you really want to steer away from. Realize you do have the answers and are capable of doing something different.
  • Choose something to replace the unhealthy habit. Just willing yourself to change isn’t enough because it does not address the underlying benefit of the behaviour you want to replace.
  • Remove triggers.
  • Visualize yourself changing. Serious visualization retrains your brain. In this case, you want to think differently about your ability to change, so spend some time every day envisioning yourself with new habits.
  • Monitor your negative self-talk. Judging yourself only keeps you stuck. Retrain the judgmental brain.
  • Take baby steps, if necessary. Even if you can’t fully follow through with a new habit right away, do something small to keep yourself on track.
  • Accept that you will sometimes falter. We all do. Habits don’t change overnight.
  1. Love yourself each time you do and remind yourself that you are human.

Know that it will take time. Habits usually take several weeks to change.

Most importantly, Don’t give up! You can do it.

Be Real

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