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With DCI Yearly Programs, Elevate & Mentor, we believe we offer a unique and powerful learning platform to enhance your career, no matter what level in hairdressing you are. We believe with continuous hairdressing education you will achieve great things in your career – The More You Learn The More Your Earn! Here is some info. on why continuous education is so important.

Learning is essential to our existence. Just like food nourishes our bodies, information and continued learning nourishes our minds. Lifelong learning is an indispensable tool for every career and organisation. No matter what career you are in it’s essential for you to “climb the ladder”.

7 reasons why continuous education in your field, such as hairdressing is essential.

1. Remain Relevant

Don’t be left behind. Ensure you remain relevant to your industry by keeping up to date with trends and adapting your skill set. To function effectively amongst this rapidly changing world, you need to learn new things to remain valuable.

2. Prepare for the Unexpected

Lifelong learning will help you adapt to unexpected changes. By continuing to learn, you’ll more easily step out of your comfort zone and take on new opportunities.

3. Boost your Profile  

When you’re always learning, you’ll keep improving and grow in your career and start to receive recommendations from clients and staff.

4. Competence Leads to Confidence

Learning new things gives us a feeling of accomplishment, which in turn boosts our confidence in our own capabilities. Also, you’ll feel more ready to take on challenges and explore new techniques.

5. Sparks New Ideas

Acquiring new skills will unveil new opportunities and help you find innovative solutions to problems both on and off the salon floor. This could earn you more money.

6. Change your Perspective

Continuous learning opens your mind and changes your attitude by building on what you already know. The more you learn, the better you’ll get at seeing more sides of the same situation, helping you understand more deeply.

7. Pay it Forward

Continuous learning isn’t just about you. Lifelong learning helps develop your leadership skills which then translates into fostering lifelong learning in other individuals, by encouraging them to pursue further education.

By attending DCI monthly workshops throughout the year, you will acquire not only cutting edge techniques but a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment that clients and employers will notice and admire, and most importantly, a massive boost in confidence. If you wish to be a part of the 2020 Elevate or Mentor Program in your city, please email or call 02 9380 2217.

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